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What is Shelfster?
Shelfster is a free solution that allows you to gather information from everywhere, write articles, publish them to your WordPress blog or save them as WordPress drafts.
What's so special about Shelfster?
You can manage in one place all the information you've previously gathered and easily write articles. You don't have to worry anymore that your ideas, collected data and sources of inspiration are lost or scattered in different places.
How can I gather information for an article?
Shelfster has several free capturing tools for your desktop (Windows, Mac), browser (Chrome, Firefox, Bookmarklet) and smartphone (iPhone, Android, iPad - Apps built by Mobiversal) that allow you to capture ideas, images, text snippets, voice notes, web pages and save&send them in your Shelfster online account.
What do I do after I've saved a bunch of stuff with the capturing tools?
You can login in your online account and access them at any time, keep them organized or use them for your articles. You can move images and text into the article you've started writing, using simple drag and drop.
What's an ITEM?
An item is a piece of information (idea, image, text snippet, web page, voice note) saved with the capturing tools.
What's an ARTICLE?
An article is a text file that you can create with the Online Editor.
What can I do with an ARTICLE?
You can save, delete, publish it to your WordPress blog or save it as WordPress draft.
What's a PROJECT?
A project is a folder where you can store items and articles. It will help you organize your work.
How can I hide the left panel so I can focus on my writing?
Just click on the bar with the small arrow "<", and the left panel will be hidden.
How do I activate meta tags on my WordPress blog?
You can chose to install All in one SEO pack or copy the following code snippet into your blog template header.php file:

How do I activate the XML-RPC protocol in WordPress blog?
Login to your WordPress admin, click the Settings link in the left panel, Writing, Remote Publishing, and make sure that the XML-RPC option is checked, as seen in the picture below: